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Envirocoats Pure Flex FBE is a flexible, corrosion resistant, quick-cure, single coat, thermosetting powder coating designed to offer the very best in protection to rebar.

Drawing from years of formulation experience, the Envirocoats Research and Development team have created Pure Flex FBE, a Fusion Bonded Epoxy that is extremely reactive and cures quickly to form a uniform, consistent film that provides incredible levels of protection to rebar products and is economical and easy to apply for coaters.

Tested to meet and exceed ASTM 775 and ASTM 1078 as well as AASHTO M284 and AASHTO M254, Envirocoats Pure Flex FBE offers the world class corrosion protection, excellent flexibility and adhesion properties required to extend the service life of steel reinforcement bars, dowel bars and relation accessories such as couplers and supports.

Envirocoats PureFlex FBE also benefits from the unparalleled service that comes a standard with Envirocoats Coatings. As well as a dedicated customer service team, quick turnaround times and the ability to provide customized solutions to your application problems, the Envirocoats Pure Flex FBE also benefits from detailed Quality Control to reduce ‘holidays or pin holing.

Fusion bonded epoxy has been in use for over 40 years. Epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars (rebar) may be used in any concrete subjected to corrosive conditions, including those exposed to deicing salts or marine waters. As a result, fusion bonded epoxy coated rebar is used in a huge range of construction applications and provides specifiers, engineers, architects, fabricators and end-users confidence in the construction of pavements, marine and parking structures and bridges. In fact, well over 80,000 bridges have used epoxy coated rebar.