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Often we look at hardware, such as a door handle or bathroom faucet, garage hardware or even plant hangers and brackets and don’t even realize it is powder coated. That’s because the Envirocoats Purecoat powder clear coat range has been designed to add high level protection while allowing the metal look to shine through.

Alternatively adding both protection and color to hardware is also easy. As color experts, we have created a great range of colors that will complement the hardware design or its surroundings beautifully.

Often hardware is used outside, which means the coating has to stand up to weathering, humidity, salt air and corrosion potential. We are using the expertize we gained in the architectural market and transferring that to industry leading products designed specifically for hardware. Both our colors and our clear coat powders stand up to these conditions and will meet and exceed the performance expectations of many specifications.

Not only does hardware have to stand up to exterior conditions but it is constantly touched by its users. Adding Envirocoate anti-microbial capability to your hardware powder is a simple step that ensures another level of protection.

Not sure what chemistry is best for you? Check out our product guideor  talk to your representative who will be happy to advise you.