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Envirocoats architectural powder coatings are high performance, high quality, factory applied, durable coatings designed specifically with architectural applications in mind. Suitable for use on aluminum and steel for both interior and exterior applications, the Envirocoats architectural powder range offers excellent durability, good chemical resistance and mechanical performance and is a true sustainable alternative to liquid PVDF and anodized finishes. What’s more Envirocoats Coatings architectural range comes with Environmental Product Declarations that contribute towards LEED credits.


The Envirocoats Architectural powder product range is comprised of first class, high performance architectural grade powders that are designed to meet and exceed the performance requirements of  AAMA 2605, 2604 and 2603. This means our high performance exterior grade powders offer excellent weatherability, including color and gloss retention, salt spray and humidity resistance. They are also designed to stand up to the tough chemical and mechanical tests outlined in the  AAMA  specs.


Product performance is essential – protecting the substrate is simply essential. Making sure it looks great and lives up to your design expectations is also important. Envirocoats architectural grade powder is available in thousands of colors, gloss levels and effects, including metallics, textures and more.


Just like with liquid PVDF finishes, Envirocoats high performance powder coatings come with a limited warranty, when they are applied to architectural grade aluminum by a certified applicator. Like most coating warranties, the powder’s performance is linked to the test/pass requirements of the relevant AAMA specification. The parameters of the limited warranty is in turn linked to that performance level.

Using a certified applicator is really important. To give our powders a 20 year limited warranty, we have to be confident that the applicator knows what they are doing and can manage their pretreatment and application to the high AAMA standards. Our certified applicators have been thoroughly tested – including pretreatment, line and oven audits, as well as coated samples being put through the relevant AAMA tests. There are certified applicators all over the USA and beyond. To find a certified applicator near you or your project, just give us a call or contact us with your question.


Envirocoats powder really is a more environmentally responsible choice. By choosing powder you are getting the same or better performance from the coating, a choice of thousands colors and effects, the same type of warranty, AAMA compliance, but with a lot less impact on the environment. Check out why Envirocoats powder is the more environmentally responsible choice.


Envirocoats Coatings offer AIA approved lunch and learn presentations for architectural, design and engineering firms to enable you to learn more about powder. Both standard LU and HSW credits are available. 

Don’t forget to download the free architectural ebook to learn everything you need to know about using and specifying high performance powder for architectural applications.